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Contest Winners Announced… Drum Roll Please!

nicole21.jpg neil1.jpgThe votes were counted, the models evaluated and finally the results are in!

We are happy to announce the winners in our FAME Online Swimsuit Contest. The contest asked for swimsuit photo submissions from male and female models. Each were then voted on by our website visitors and evaluated by our judges. All were fantastic!

Many thanks to everyone who entered, to everyone who spread the word, and to all who took the time to vote. Congratulations to the winners:


  • 1st – Nicole Costa
  • 2nd – Shannon Leroux
  • 3rd – Lyzabeth Lopez
  • 4th – Mindy Karuk
  • 5th – Kelly Taphouse


  • 1st – Neil Rigney
  • 2nd – Eric Franciosa
  • 3rd – Mike Kwao
  • 4th – Zac Titus
  • 5th – Max Wettstein


  • ONYX Photography

ONYX Photography will be available at our North American Championship event in Miami this November so be sure to book him for a photo shoot while there!

View all our winners here!


Congratulations Talon!

WNSO Judge and owner of HardWear Athletics, Rodney DeFreitas sent us a fantastic update on son Talon who is making great headway as a model.

“Talon is doing well in modeling (he’s with FORD) and he just shot a 3 page spread in the April issue of Canadian Family Magazine. (which we have included here). He also just finished shooting for the Sears Christmas catalogue and he had 3 commercial auditions this week; Swiss Chalet, Canadian Tire and Mega Doodle Markers. He even had to learn lines for Canadian Tire and Mega Doodle.”

Congratulations Talon!!

talon.jpg talon1.jpg talon3.jpg

Rodney DeFreitas is adding to his HardWear line and will soon be launching a new Eco friendly clothing line in 2008 called DeFreitas Lifestyle Apparel. Stay tuned!

Backstage Pass! You Talk We Listen!

natasha.jpgWe know how much work goes into prepping before stepping on stage, and sometimes even pre-show butterflies make it tough for our athletes to focus. To combat this, many of our athletes have requested backstage access for a familiar face to join them in their preparation, so…

We are pleased to announce that even those who don’t have a trainer will also be able to have a familiar face backstage (makeup artist, friend, family member, etc). Limit one person per athlete and in specially designated areas only.

Our events are not only for competition. They create an environment for our athletes to meet like-minded fitness enthusiasts from around the world and for that reason, it is recommended to only have your support person backstage at times when they are actually needed. This enables and encourages our athletes to interact during the down time where lifelong friendships can be made!

We trust our athletes to come to us with comments and suggestions so that together we can create events that are both exciting and enjoyable for all!

Have a comment for us? Send us a note!

New WNSO Membership Cards – Register Now!

memcard.jpgThe WNSO is the official sanctioning body for all FAME Muscle, Fitness, Figure, and Modeling competitions. At FAME World Tour events around the world, WNSO’s stringent rules and regulations are followed to ensure natural athletes everywhere can compete and succeed. WNSO-sanctioned events attract thousands of athletes and fans around the globe each year.

WNSO also grants Pro status to exceptional natural athletes. Athletes who win the overall title in their category at FAME National Championships or FAME International Championships events earn the right to call themselves WNSO Pros.

Register for your membership now!

Riley’s Gym (AUS) Shows its Support

Fitness Sports Model and WNSO Champion, Charmain Moritz writes to us to tell us how well she has been supported by her gym.

“I want to share my news about Riley’s Gym. They really are very supportive and dedicated to highlighting local successes.

As you will see in the photos, they have placed a poster of me on the side wall of the gym, (showing me with the pole because as all know I was the one who had the pole on stage for the Australians for ANB in OCT 2006) highlighting this as a new class at the Rileys Gym.

There is also a poster on the front to bring in all the rest of the girls that are in and around the area.

I have to say since i’ve been in this industry I’ve never seen so much publicity on the competitors.

Charmain Moritz

img_0872.jpg img_0873.jpg

Dreamy Lunar Eclipse

see captionClose your eyes, breathe deeply, let your mind wander to a distant seashore: It’s late in the day, and the western sun is sinking into the glittering waves. At your feet, damp sand reflects the twilight, while overhead, the deep blue sky fades into a cloudy mélange of sunset copper and gold, so vivid it almost takes your breath away.A breeze touches the back of your neck, and you turn to see a pale full Moon rising into the night. Hmmm. The Moon could use a dash more color. You reach out, grab a handful of sunset, and drape the Moon with phantasmic light. Much better.

Too bad it’s only a dream…

Early Tuesday morning, August 28th, the dream will come true. There’s going to be a colorful lunar eclipse visible from five continents including most of North America.

Visit the NASA website for more information!

2006 FAME World Tour Photo Collage

Interested in attending a FAME event but not sure exactly what goes on? Last year we assembled a few photo collages that featured some of the exciting events during our FAME World Tour… Registration for this years Championship Event in Miami (one of our biggest yet) is available now so sign up quickly and enjoy the fun!

fame2006a.jpg fame2006b.jpg