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FAME 2007 North American Championships this Weekend!

lyzabethsmall.jpg2007 has been a fantastic year for FAME with more athletes awarded WNSO Pro status than ever before! The competitions have been tough and the athletes tougher – and now – it all culminates at the 2007 FAME North American Championships, featuring both professional and amateur athletes alike in our final event of the year.

Join us in Miami this weekend for 3 days of competition activities.

  • Friday, Nov 2: Media Day: Athlete Entourage Opportunity ~ Competitor Meet n Greet
  • Saturday, Nov 3: Competition Day: The 2007 FAME North American Championships – After Party
  • Sunday, Nov 4: Calendar & Magazine Shoots ~ Pool Party

The competition categories include:

* Fitness Model Search – Fit Males & Females – Swimsuit Round (females wear high heels & bikini) & Themewear Round More info

* Muscle Model Search – Muscled Males & Females – Swimsuit Round (females wear high heels & bikini) & Themewear Round – More info

* Fitness – Individually choreographed high energy entertainment Routines (highlighting strength & flexibility), Symmetry Round (bikini & heels). More Info

* Natural Bodybuilding // Muscle – Males & Females – Individually choreographed entertainment Routines (highlighting muscles), Symmetry Round (bare feet), Mandatory Posing Round More Info

* Figure – Females only – Individually choreographed entertainment Routines (highlighting physique and strength), Symmetry Round (bikini & heels), Mandatory Posing Round More Info

* Bikini Model – Bikini & High Heels. More info

Join us in Miami this November 2-4 at the FAME North American Championships

Register or buy tickets to attend now!


WNSO Pro Fitness Model Mindy Karuk on Power 97

After years of unhealthy eating while employed at a major fast food chain throughout high school, Mindy made a choice to ‘stop the insanity” and marched straight into a gym that had once always intimidated her. She slowly changed her eating habits and saw progress in a body that once required a size 34! Always compelled by the women featured in fitness magazines, Mindy aspired to one day look like them! She has learned so much from training and eating healthy, and has shared her knowledge and experience with friends and family. And now she shares that experience with listeners of Power 97!

Mindy’s myFAMEstage
Radio interview – Power 97

Join Mindy in Miami this November 2-4 at the FAME North American Championships

Register or buy tickets to attend now!

And always remember to Train Hard. Train Natural.

FAME Halloween Mayhem Winners Announced

Congratulations to all competitors and winners.

Bikini Model
1. Elizabeth Martin (New Pro)
2. Danielle Clermont
3. Loura Divinagracia

Muscle Model – Men
1. Stanleigh Mitchell (New Pro)
2. Gerry Bossy
3. Cedric McKinney

Muscle Model Women
1. Kristin Sauve

1. Danielle Clermont

Fitness Model – Men
1. Stenleigh Mitchell
2. Sean McKrow

Fitness Model – Female – Short Class
1. Chantal Brazeau
2. Rowaida Touma
3. Elizabeth Martin

Fitness Model – Female – Tall Class
1. Danielle Clermont
2. Erica Johnston
3. Deidra Cook

Overall Fitness Model Winner & New Pro Danielle Clermont

1. Joeline Parsons
2. Dana Kuipers

Bodybuilding – Female
1. Courtney Lee

Bodybuilding – Male – Junior
1. Colin Herder

Bodybuilding – Male – Masters
1. Patrick Hovorka (New Pro)
2. Gerry Bossy

Bodybuilding – Male – Short Class
1. Jesvy Paratholil
2. Tony Riolo

Bodybuilding – Male – Tall Class
1. Chris Dejaegher
2. Joey Flores
3. Jose Guzman


FAME Halloween Mayhem Today – Get Tickets Now!

3rd Annual FAME Halloween Mayhem
October 27 – Today
LaSalle, Ontario
Villanova Festival Theatre – 2800 North Townline, RR #3
Judging – 9am //  $15 
Finals – 6pm //  $30 or $45 VIP

Wear a fun Halloween costume and compete for a Best Costume Award!
Also featuring a bench press competition.

Get Your Tickets Today Adds More Muscle to Their Team, the world leader in sports nutrition, has signed industry expert Kris Gethin as Editor-in-Chief of their groundbreaking SuperSite. Kris has been a writer and photographer for Joe Weider’s Flex International, Flex Australian Edition and Muscle & Fitness Australian Edition for the past seven years. A long-time natural bodybuilding competitor, he recently placed 2nd in the FAME Natural World Championships.

“I consider myself to be one of bodybuilding’s biggest fans, so I feel that here I have finally found my long lost family. Everyone at shares the same passion for health and fitness as I do, and I hope I can add to that by working with a team that provides the readers and fans with informative editorial along with the best images and video content on the web today,” said Gethin.

With the addition of Kris to their team, will be opening more doors to the international market. Being the Internet’s most-visited bodybuilding and fitness site and largest retailer of nutritional supplements isn’t enough. They want to make sure they are helping all visitors reach their health, fitness and appearance goals through information, motivation and supplementation. With 2 million+ international website visitors monthly, understanding their unique needs is an integral part of future success.

“We are very excited to have Kris on our team! Kris has a great reputation and extensive experience in the bodybuilding and fitness industry. There is no doubt that his considerable talent will help us take the web site to the next level,” said CEO, Ryan DeLuca.

For more information visit offers more than 6,000 health and fitness supplements & accessories to help people achieve their fitness goals. They offer more than 19,000 pages of FREE bodybuilding and fitness information, including more than 9,000 articles (written by 385+ writers), video & audio segments, and new content being added daily.

For more information:
Contact: Crystal Matthews
Phone: 208.246.8240

How do YOU get FAME?

The road to FAME is not an easy one and it takes a LOT of effort, passion and perseverance.

Our athletes give their all in sculpting the best bodies in the world. That means strict adherence to diet, endless hours in the gym and a focus unlike any other.

With all that invested – how can you find FAME?

Let us help.

Visit the FAME World Tour Calendar and locate events to enter and showcase your work. Let people see the results of all your efforts. Recognition comes through exposure. The more you are seen – the better your chances of fitness industry opportunities.

Stay on top of FAME News and check in regularly to keep up to date on all FAME happenings!

Let your your friends and family know about our your commitment to FAME and the exciting events we have on the horizon. Highlight FAME on your Facebook or Myspace page.

You can download FAME banners here!

Join us at the FAME North American Championships this November 2-4, 2007!

Register or buy tickets to attend now!

And always remember to Train Hard. Train Natural.

Want to recapture your youth in 30 days?

Nuvocare Health Sciences Inc. is currently looking for 6 self-motivated people to participate in a 3 month clinical focus group.

Be the first to experience the dramatic results of the world’s first Youth Re-activating program.

Selected Participants will receive:

  • free product for duration of program
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The photoshoot will take place October 28, 2007.

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