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Derrick Brown FAME Prairies Sets Records

This weekend the FAME Crew attended the FAME Prairies event hosted by Derrick Brown in Calgary, Alberta. Not only was the theatre sold out we maxed out capacity with standing room. Attendees piled into the theatre taking up all the seats, aisles, standing at the back of the theatre and in the doorways. With a record breaking 218 athletes competing in one day, it was the first regional event to set such an amazing record.

For full results of the Derrick Brown FAME Prairies event stay tuned! Congratulations to all athletes that competed this weekend. It was a action packed event!

Next up for Calgary is the FAME Canadian National Championships at the Calgary Telus Convention Centre on October 18th! Be sure to register because this event will contain Level 2, 3 and Pro Level shows. If FAME Prairies had 218 athletes, you can bet that that the Calgary residents will be flocking to the FAME Canadian Nationals. Tickets will be available online very shortly.


FAME In The Chicago Tribune

Just a few weeks ago FAME was represented in the New York Times and now in the Chicago Tribune.  The article featuring none other than FAME Master Pro Scott Hults is now going NATIONAL!  So expect to see the story in a newspaper near you.

To read the article in the Chicago Tribune, click here or pick up your copy as a souvenir.

The IAPC Bodybuilding Contest Preparation Course

This came through the newswire from our affiliate organization WNSO-ANB in Australia.  The IAPC Bodybuilding Contest Preparation Course has been designed for personal trainers, male and female bodybuilders, figure competitors and sports/bikini model competitors.  This 300 page bible contains a step by step blueprint for bodybuilding contest success.

You can get a downloadable version of one of the lessons for freeclick here!

The full course contains 21 lessons covering every aspect of bodybuilding competition preparation.  To purchase this course, log onto Bodybuilding Contest Preparation Course.

FAME East Results Are In!

Yet another successful event in Montreal, QC.  This show was amazing – not only did we get 95 athletes the entire theatre (both lower and balcony) was packed with people waiting to watch the fantastic physiques on stage.  Stephane Laporte emceed the event with his comedic talent and FAME Pro Larry Vinette guest posed and incorporated the audience by running through the theatre posing on the seats.  New FAME Pros were added to the roster and more people advanced onto Level 3 status which qualifies them for the FAME World Championships in June.

To see the results for this past weekend’s show, click here!  Full results and photos to come.

Mindy And Lyzabeth Featured On

Last Friday April 11th both Co-President Mindy Blackstien and FAME Pro Lyzabeth Lopez did a live interview for on For one hour both these ladies talked about the upcoming shows, the tier system, the FAME World Championships in Toronto along with answering viewers questions along the way.

To watch the interview and get to know both Mindy and Lyzabeth that much more click here, and don’t forget to leave a comment on what you thought.

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Two Changes

Two important changes that you should be aware about are:

Due to a crazy and unfortunate plane debacle with both Lyzabeth Lopez and Mindy Blackstien the camp that Lyzabeth was supposed to host last Sunday April 13th was re-schedule to this Sunday April 20th at Venice Fitness from 2pm to 6pm.  So if you were planning on attending the last one but didn’t get a chance, this is a great option!  To register, click here.

Also due to an amazing number of athletes signing up for FAME Prairies (we hit over 150 last week) we have to start the pre-judge earlier.  The pre-judge will now begin at 8am instead of 9am.  So tell your friends, family an fans about the change.  To purchase tickets or to register, click here!

Teams Gear Up For FAME East

This weekend we will be making our way to Montreal to host the FAME East competition. Every year our Eastern Canadian President Mike Clement puts on a great show. Athletes have been training for this competition for a really long time and some gyms are sending large groups to take the stage. It will be great to see which team takes home the most Top Placings. To find out how you can register to compete, or to cheer these athletes on click here!

This is just one of the teams competing this weekend – The Fitness Factory Team part of Monster Gym. Go Guys Go!