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Obi On A Roll

FAME Pro Obi Obadike will be seen WAY more often now as he appears on an International ad for Dymatize.  Go to the newsstand and pick up any fitness magazine and you should find him.  In particular the latest edition of Exercise and Health Magazine where he sports the back cover.

Obi’s goal is to be one of the top fitness models in the biz and we definitely think he is on his way.  We want to wish Obi much success and congratulate him on his achievements.

Check out Obi’s profile, click here!


For A Great Cause

FAME athlete Dr. Amanda Diep is taking a proactive approach, she has created posters and calendars of mostly FAME Fitness and Bikini models as part of a fundraising effort.

Dr. Amanda announched “We are fundraising for my trip to the Philippines to volunteer for 3 weeks in a medical clinic in a city known as ‘Garbage City’. People that live there literally survive on the garbage that are dumped daily. The team of medical practitioners that I’m with also do outreach programs. We have been booked already for three different jail visits, as well, we’re heading up the mountains to tend to villages that do not have access to medical care. My personal goal is to fundraise over $2,500.00 to purchase a van and CB radio to create an ambulance/emergency system for them. “

A ‘Meet and Greet’ with the Calendar Models is set to take place at Melrose on Oct 10th to autograph and sell the calendars.  Some of the calendar models include FAME athletes Jacqueline Vos, Nicky Taylor, Naomi Teevens, Shannon Delves, Jen Flontek, Cara Fullerton, Stephanie Law, Natalie Minh, and Eva Sefcova.

Dr. Amanda stated ‘It’s about healing hands and hearts. We’re using our fitness accomplishment – BodyProud, to make a difference =) These ladies ROCK!!”

Join the fundraising efforts by attending the meet and greet at Melrose Cafe & Bar (730 – 17th Ave. SW, Calgary AB) or learn more about how you can help by getting to know Dr. Amanda Diep by visiting her profile.

Getting Down With Drexel

FAME Pro and World Champ Drexel Long is getting a lot of exposure in the media.  With a feature in the October issue of Muscular Development as a Muscle Diva and a feature in Oxygen’s “Tomorrow’s Cover Girls” she is one athlete not to take your eyes off of.  With such an impressive physique it’s no wonder why she is all over the newsstands.

Not only is Drexel an accomplished runner and FAME World Champion but she is also a Physical Education Teacher in a middle school.  She spreads the world on fitness to the most important people on the planet, our youth.

Congrats Drexel on your success, we can’t wait to see you on the FAME stage again.

Check out Drexel’s profile!

Transformation Story

Barbara Eckonen felt she was out of shape but after meeting her husband she lost more than 50lbs and ended up on’s Transformation of the Week.  Barbara’s husband Troy owns Tropical Gym in Florida, she used to tag along with him to different bodybuilding contests and soon enough he taught her to cook and eat clean and showed her the ropes in the gym.

In the matter of a year she dropped over 50lbs and is on her way to completing her goal by stepping on stage at her first competition.  Congratulations Barbara, you are an inspiration.  We look forward to seeing you on the FAME stage.

To learn more about Barbara, check out her profile!


FAME Pro Dena Anne Weiner has been incredibly busy this year doing photoshoots for the top magazines, competing at the FAME World Championships placing both 4th place in Pro Figure and Pro Fitness and even shooting a commerical for Volkswagen this past summer.

We have a clip of the commercial that is broadcasted only in Canada, click here and watch Dena strut her stuff on the sand.  Better yet leave a comment for Dena and let her know what you think.

Check out Dena’s profile here!

Show Your Support

Check out what FAME athlete Marylene Dubois has done!  She is asking that all of her family, friends and fans all wear orange at the FAME Quebec Provincials on October 11th.  If you see orange you know they are their to support Marylene.  Sport orange and show Marylene you are there for her!

Marylene took the initiative and you can follow suit, come up with your own creative way to show your support to either a fellow athlete or if you are competing ask your friends, family and fans to wear shirts, make signs or follow Marylene’s example and support a cool colour.

This great for the athlete on stage, they can look out into the audience and see their very own cheering section.  Make the athlete feel special as they step onto that FAME stage.  Don’t forget you can be featured on the FAME website.  Just email your photos, posters, ads to and you just might see yourself on the daily news.

Don’t forget to check out Marylene Dubois’ profile, click here!

FAME Idol – Calgary – This Weekend

FAME is bringing for the first time a FAME Idol to Calgary and this is your chance to get involved.  This weekend FAME World Champion Derrick Brown will be hosting a FAME Idol in his hometown.

What does a FAME Idol involve?

FAME IDOL – Audition
* Showcase a portion of a routine, practice the mandatory poses and quarter turns or present your physique and stage presence by showing off your individual walks. The audition allows you to present your hard work in front of a panel of FAME Officials. The judges will provide feedback, suggestions and even a possible pass to a higher level on the tier system. This is great for newbies who want to test out their routine or perfect their posing but it is also great for those who may be a national level or pro level competitor from another organization. They can use the FAME Idol to audition to become an Advanced, Elite or Pro level competitor with FAME.

FAME Camps
The purpose of the FAME Camps is to provide athletes with the tools they need to better succeed on stage and to ensure they come to the event properly prepared.

They are mandatory for all those who have not yet competed. Participation at the Camp will satisfy the Level 1 Requirement and will grant all attendees status to compete as a Level 2 athlete.

Each FAME Camp is unique in that it brings the presenter’s own experience and techniques into play.


Date: September 27th 2008
Time: 9am to 5pm
Location: Gagne Fitness – #101 – 2525 Woodview Drive SW, Calgary AB