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Get Your Tickets While You Still Can

If you are planning to attend the FAME North American Championships and haven’t purchased your tickets yet you still can.  Go online to and purchase your tickets.  Not only will you save money you can print off your tickets right from your home computer.

Ticket prices increase at the door so make sure you save your $$$ and buy online now!

5PM – Judging & Finals – Level 2
Fitness Model (f/m) – swimsuit
Muscle Model (f/m) – themewear
Fit Duo – Routine
Routines Only
Muscle Model (f/m) – swimsuit
Fitness Model (f/m) – themewear


9AM – Judging & Finals – Level 2 & Age Categories

Bodybuilding (Jr, Masters, Level 2) – Symmetry, Posing, Posedown, Routines
Figure (Masters, Level 2) – Symmetry, Posing, Posedown, Routines
Fitness (Masters, Level 2) – Symmetry
Fitness Model (Masters) – Swimsuit
Fitness (Masters, Level 2) – Routines
Fitness Model (Masters) – Themewear

2PM – Judging Only – Level 3 & PRO
Bodybuilding (f/m) – Symmetry, Posing, Posedown
Figure – Symmetry, Posing, Posedown
Fitness Model – (f/m) – Swimsuit
Fit Duo – Model
Muscle Model – (f/m) – Swimuit
Fitness – Symmetry

7PM – Finals – Level 3 & PRO
Muscle Model (f/m) – Swimsuit
Bodybuilding (f/m) – Favorite Pose, Posedown, Routine
Fitness Model (f/m) – Swimsuit
Figure – Favorite Pose, Posedown, Routine
Fitness – Symmetry
Swimsuit Model (m/f) – All Levels
Muscle Model – Themewear
Fitness – Routines
Fitness Model – Themewear


Three Great Seminars Available at the FAME North American Championships!

Take advantage of these three great seminars being offered on the afternoon of Friday, Oct. 31st prior to the start of the FAME North American Championships! Perfect your skills, Polish your performance, and learn the inside scoop on breaking into the Fitness Industry!

Seminar 1:
Walking Clinic
Friday, October 31st
1:00 PM
Price: $45

Refine your Walking and Stage Presence before you get judged! Learn from the best! FAME Pro and Creative Director Michael Elias, along with other FAME Pros share their expertise to help you improve your performance and personal style. This workshop will give you that added boost of confidence you need to shine on stage and help improve your placing!

Limited Space! Reserve your spot now!
Click Here to Register:

Seminar 2:
Posing Clinic:
Friday, October 31st
2:00 PM
Price: $45

Refine your Symmetry and Mandatory Posing before you get judged! Learn from the best! Michael Elias, FAME Pro Champion will assist you in perfecting your performance for the competition. With some insider tips and tricks and personalized suggestions, this could help to improve your placing!

Limited Space! Reserve your spot now!
Click Here to Register:

Seminar 3:
Models and Athletes: How to Market Yourself and Work in the Fitness Industry
A comprehensive guide to breaking into the Fitness Industry and what to do when you get there!
Friday, October 31st
3:00 PM
Price: $15

This seminar will cover:

1. Getting started in the Fitness Industry
2. Self Promotion Strategies
3. Photo shoots – working with photographers, publishing rights, what to expect
4. How to turn success on stage into $$$ in your pocket
5. Booth and Expo Work – How to get, what to expect
6. Turning Pro – What does it get you, What does it NOT get you
7. Sponsorship – What does it mean? How can being sponsored affect my career?
8. Important “To Do’s” and “NOT To Do’s” in the industry.

Hosted by Michael Elias, FAME Pro and Creative Director for the FAME World Tour and Editor-in-Chief for the FAME Magazine Michael has more than 20 years experience working in the Fitness Industry as a Trainer, Pro Athlete, Author, Magazine Editor and Columnist, Marketing and Event Director for a major Supplement Company, and now FAME Creative Director and FAME Magazine Editor-In-Chief.  Michael will give you the inside knowledge about what companies are looking for and how to get your start working in the Fitness Industry.

Limited Space! Reserve your spot now!
Click Here to Register:


Blowout Sale On Back Issues Of FAME Magazine

For a limited time we are selling back issues of the FAME Magazine for an incredibly low price of only $5.00 an issue.  That is 50% off the regular price!

There are only a few copies left of these collector items!

10th Year Anniversary Special
Premier Issue
Muscle Special
Competition Training Special

These issues have helped athletes of all shapes and sizes realize their body proud potential.  With articles featuring your favorite FAME Pros, delicious recipes and exciting workouts to step up your game in the gym.

You can snag your very own copy by clicking on this link to purchase.  But hurry there are very few left.

Urban Stylz

Well known photographer Peter aka “Urban Stylz” has been making waves in the fitness industry with his cool and unique shots.  He has covered many FAME events and shot many FAME athletes.  Now he is creating a website solely dedicated to fitness models.

If you want to be featured on his web site please send a short biography of your achievements in the fitness world, what motivated you to get healthy and start competing to  You can even send videos and he will dedicate a great portion of the site to video interviews with the athletes.

Check out Urban Stylz Body Proud profile, click here!

TLC’s Real Simple. Real Life

It is official! FAME Pro Lana Titus is a featured expert on TLC’s newest show called “Real Simple. Real Life” which aired last week.  Lana has been very active showcasing both her fit physique and her incredible talent in front of the camera and now she is a regular fitness expert on TLC’s new show.  This mother of two has really hit it big and we can’t wait to watch.  The show airs every Friday night @ 8pm on TLC.  Check your local listings for details.

You can watch Lana every Friday night help busy mom’s find ways to incorporate fitness into their busy lives.  You can also get to know Lana through her Body Proud profile, click here!

The Results Are In

The FAME Maritimes event took place last night at the Capitol Theatre in Moncton, New Brunswick.  As usual the talent that came from the East Coast was exceptional.

Be sure to check out photos and chat about the event here!  If you have any candid or stage shots we encourage you to upload to the site.


1st – Richard Chartrand – New FAME Pro
2nd – Brian Leblanc

1st – Cheryl Huett
2nd- Elaine Mattatall

Open Men:
1st – Kevia Bundy
2nd – Devin Leblanc
3rd – Randy Davis
4th – Richard Chartrand

Open Women:
1st – Cheryl Huett

Advanced Men:
1st – Dwayne Vessey

Overall Winner:
Keiva Bundy – New FAME Pro

1st – Sarah Swinamer
2nd – Cassandra Henry
3rd – Lindey Lynch


1st – Kellie Jennings

1st – Amanda Smith
2nd – Kellie Jennings
3rd – Angie Vickers


1st – Keiva Bundy
2nd – Phillip Crabbe

1st – Elaine Mattatall

Congratulations to all the athletes that competed this weekend!  And be sure to stay tuned for more event info on the FAME North American Championships.

Meet The FAME North American Championship Team

Next weekend is going to be a big weekend.  It is the FAME North American Championships in Miami, Florida.  Not only are there 4 shows packed over two days there is a photo shoot on Sunday that everyone can attend (you don’t only have to be a competitor).

Below are the list of your judges, presenters, stage managers and photographers.  You can get to know each individually by clicking on their name and reading more about them in their Body Proud profiles.

Jeffrey Kippel Co-President, FAME World Tour
Mindy Blackstien Co-President, FAME World Tour
Alan Shugarman Director, FAME Florida
Ron Clark President, NFPT
Derrick Brown FAME Pro – 2008 World Champion
Victoria Johnson Fitness Celebrity

Presenters and Photoshoot Coordinator:
Michael Elias Creative Director, FAME World Tour
Editor-in-Chief, FAME Magazine

Official Photographer:
Tim Rollans Official FAME Photographer
Talent Scout, FAME Magazine

Kendall Wood 2008 FAME Fitness Model World Champion

Stage Managers:
Kevin Friesen
Stacey Steele

Make sure you say hi to everyone as they will be happy to get to know you!