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Featured Profile Of The Week


This week’s featured profile is FAME Swimsuit Model Marcela Tribin.  Marcela recently competed in the FAME North American Championships that took place in Miami October 31st to November 2nd and achieved the amazing status of 4th runner up in the Swimsuit Model event.

Marcela has definitely built up her resume with t.v commercials and fashion shows not only here in North America but in her hometown of Colombia as well.  This athlete is not only a model – her main profession is as a Dentist.  How cool is that?  I bet she has many clients that make sure they don’t miss their annual dentist appointment.

On top of it all she is disciplined in Karate Do Shotokan where she learns respect, fraternity and consistency among other things.

To learn more about Marcela, visit her profile!

New Chat Feature

You will notice on the right side of the website or your very own page that we added a chat feature.  You have the choice of jumping into a group conversation or selecting one person in particular to have a private chat with.

Not only does this site allow you to meet like minded people you can chat with them when they are online too.  Since we added this feature we can better communicate with the athletes whether you have competition questions, registration questions or you just want to chat.

So if your online and you see Mindy Blackstien, Jeff Kippel, Michael Elias or myself Shannon Lucier please feel free to talk to us.  We want to hear from you!  Also, take this opportunity to get to know your fellow FAME friends by asking questions because you never know who you will meet.

If you are stopping by to check out the site and you haven’t created a profile yet, we encourage you to start one.  Upload a picture or two and fill out your story.  We want to get to know you!

FAME Launches New Figure Division for 2009!

New FAME Figure Division for 2009!

Figure – Physique

Beginning in 2009 FAME will be launching a new Figure Division designed for those competitors who want to compete strictly based on physique comparison without bodybuilding style posing, posing routines, or themewear rounds.   The new Figure – Physique division will consist of two rounds of quarter turn physique comparison in One Piece and Two Piece competition suits. 

The division previously known simply as Figure in FAME will now be known as Figure – Posing and Routine.  This Division of Figure includes an open handed posing round and a posing routine round in addition to the quarter turn comparison round. 

We want to provide competitors the opportunity to show their physique in the way that they feel best about.  The Figure – Physique Division will provide a seamless transition for our friends from other organizations who would like to come to FAME and compete immediately without having to learn any new rounds.   The FAME – Posing and Routine division will allow those who already love showing their physique in this unique and exciting style to continue to do so!

Below are additional details about each Division!




The FAME Figure Divisionsare designed for those female competitors who want to be judged solely on physical development, conditioning, and presentation in competition suits with no themewear rounds.  There are TWO divisions of FAME Figure that competitors can choose from.  Competitors may choose either Figure-Physique or Figure-Posing and Routine, depending on how they would like to present their physique onstage.


Figure – Physique – New for 2009!

The Figure -Physique division consists of 2 Rounds of Judging:

Round 1 – Quarter Turn Comparison in Two Piece Competition Suit and Heels

Round 2 – Quarter Turn Comparison in One Piece Competition Suit and Heels

This division is comparable to the division known simply as Figure in other competitive organizations.


Figure – Posing and Routine

The Figure – Posing and Routine division allows competitors a more unique and original method of presenting their physique on stage.  Figure – Posing and Routine consists of 3 Rounds of Judging:

Round 1 – Quarter Turn Comparison is Two Piece Competition Suit and Heels

Round 2 – Open handed posing comparison in Two Piece Competition Suit and Heels.  Competitors will display the following poses for the judges – Front and Rear Double Biceps, Best Side Chest, Best Side Triceps, Hands Over Head Abdominal  and Thigh, and Favorite or Most Symmetrical Pose.

Round 3 – Competitors will perform a 90 second routine to professionally mixed music where they will display their physique in their own personal way demonstrating posing, strength, flexibility, and poise.  No inverted moves are allowed in this routine.

This division is the classic FAME Figure division.  

Physique Criteria:

Competitors should display a muscular, defined physique with symmetrical upper and lower body development.  Physique should be lean without excessive body fat.   Significant muscular development is allowed, but size should not be excessive.  Muscle separation, and visible ab development is expected in this division.  Hard conditioning is allowed, but competitors should not be excessively dry or striated.

Posing:  In Physique comparison rounds, Figure competitors should be tight from head to toe, properly flexing all muscle groups and maintaining symmetry, while still displaying poise and stage presence.  Posing should look effortless.

If you have any questions about either of the FAME Figure Divisions feel free to contact FAME Head Judge Jeff Kippel by emailing  

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World Physique Magazine Features Meagan Rodriguez


FAME Swimsuit Model Meagan Rodriquez is dedicated to fighting the obesity epidemic by educating her community in San Antonio.

Meagan is now an active council member of the Youth Obesity Prevention Partners Council and is working with Project Measure Up, which are both part of the Health Collaborative of Bexar County.  Along with that she is working closely with the San Antonio Sports Foundation in creating a program for the children of San Antonio to promote life long habits of physical activity.

Meagan currently writes for World Physique Magazine and was recently interviewed, to read the interview in its entirety click here!  Starting December 2nd you can vote for Meagan online at World Physique Magazine where she is currently posted as a contestant for their monthly modeling contest.

To learn more about Meagan, visit her profile!

Do You Want To Date Cindy Margolis?


Cindy Margolis has teamed up with a major television network to produce the reality t.v series called “Sex and the Cindy”.

Casting producers are seeking all single men with strong magnetic personalities to star in this new celebrity dating show.

Are you 19 to 29 and have a sick body?  Are you a playboy in your 30’s?  Are you suave and handsome and in your 40’s?  If you think you have the personality, charm and looks to win Cindy over then we want to hear from you.

If you are interested please send your contact info, stats and a picture to

Featured Profile Of The Week


This week’s featured profile is Rene Kari, a 58 year old artist who believes “Fitness isn’t a sport – Fitness is an Art Project”.

Rene’s goal was not an athletic accomplishment. In other words he says “I am not a bodybuilder who “builds” his body, but rather an artist, who sculpts his body with the goal of turning it into a work of art.”

Rene joined the site – by the hope, that being there might help to introduce his art to a large audience.  The site tracks every time someone looks at your art – and the more people that look, means that you will be given a better rating in the Most Popular category of your Art Show.  To view Rene’s Artslant Profile click here!

To get to know Rene more we encourage you to visit his BodyProud profile and read what he has to say.  And make sure you stop by his Artslant profile as well and check out his works of art.