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Happy New Year from FAME!

FAME would like to wish everyone a fun filled and safe New Year’s Eve, and a Happy New Year!
We look forward to seeing all the Body Proud FAME athletes on stage in 2009, and look forward to seeing the transformations of those who are starting their journeys to reach their Body Proud goals in the coming year. We wish you all much success and happiness with your plans and goals for 2009.

Stay tuned to for all the latest news from FAME in 2009!


Time to make your FAME competition plans for 2009!

The new year is almost here!  It’s time to start thinking about switching your focus from the holidays to getting ready for the FAME stage in 2009.   There are many great shows on the 2009 FAME world tour schedule to choose from!

Below are some of the upcoming events on the 2009 Season 1 Schedule!
Get your WNSO membership, pick the shows you want to compete in, and start training for the stage today!

February 14th 2009, Philadelphia, PA Feb 14th – Valentines Day!
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FAME WEST Presented by Fatima Leite Kusch
March 28th 2009, Vancouver, BC
Register Here

FAME Ontario Championships presented by David Avery
March 28th 2009, Cobourg, ON
Register Here

FAME Philippine Championships presented by Bong Pico
March 28th 2009, Manilla Philappines
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12th Annual FAME East Championships presented by Mike Clement
April 18th 2009, Montreal, QC
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6th Annual FAME Prairies presented by Derrick Brown
April 25th 2009, Calgary, AB
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FAME East Coast Championships presented by Dwayne Vessey
April 25th 2009, Halifax, NS
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FAME British Championships and Fitness Expo presented by Angie Weston
May 2nd-3rd 2009, London England
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FAME Lonestar Championships presented by Jason Powell and Kai
May 8th-9th 2009, Houston, TX
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FAME Atlantic City Model Championships
May 23rd, Atlantic City, NJ
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2009 FAME World Championships
June 12th-14th, Montreal, QC
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Visit for more information about upcoming FAME World Tour events!

See you all on stage in 2009!

Wishing Everyone A Safe And Happy Holiday!

Everyone here at FAME would like to wish all bodyproud people a safe and happy holiday as we venture into the New Year.  2009 is set to be one of the biggest years yet and we are looking forward to seeing all the new faces that are set to hit the FAME stage.

Remember if you have any fabulous news you would like to share with the bodyproud community please email us at – you might just see yourself on

Happy Holidays Everyone! 🙂

Holiday Ho Ho’s!!!

As part of the holiday season FAME is offering a special $25 gift code towards ANY 2009 FAME World Tour competition or Body Proud membership.  That’s right, put that $25 back in your pocket and save on your 2009 Body Proud Goals!  To activate simply send an email to and let us know which event/membership you would like to use the coupon code for and we’ll send you the code to apply during your sign up! Set your New Years goals NOW and save today!

This offer is limited to the first 100 people who respond and runs until December 30th.

The Men Of FAME Calendar

North American Bodies has gathered up photos of several FAME Fitness Models and Muscle Models and put together a 2009 Men of FAME calendar.

Some of the FAME men you will see are competitors such as; Jason Powell, Marc Antoine Rivard, James Minsky, Tyler Sarry and so many more!

Check out a few of the images below!  You can purchase your very own copy by clicking here!


Featured Profile Of The Week


This week’s featured profile is Hilary Celeste Coffie.  This mother of two is a personal trainer in the Houston area and is currently training for FAME Lone Star in May.  Once a little girl with a poor self image took control into her own hand and has become “body proud”.

Hilary’s philosophy is “Only those who risk going too far can find how far one can go.  I have found this to be very true for myself because I used to always expect things to come easy. I later found that I have to not only work hard but work ever harder than that.”

To read more about Hilary, check out her Bodyproud profile!

Newest Edition To World Physique


FAME Athlete Peggy Vreeland is an inspiration, this University graduate is a mother of two adult boys, is a fitness model and now is a column writer for World Physique.  She will be inducted as the social worker for the World Physique site writing columns and answering people’s questions.  Peggy is also a personal trainer who believes that “fitness is important in many aspects of life, not only physical fitness, but also mental, relationships, financial, and recreational. For me, fitness is ‘all about balance.’ And life is all about constantly readjusting the balance so nothing important gets left behind.”

Peggy has been competing since 1992 and has proven that you can do this at any age.  This 45 year old has an amazing physique and will continue to step on stage and show her bodyproud physique.  You can read Peggy’s first interview with World Physique by clicking here!

To get to know Peggy better, view her bodyproud profile!